Keep Calm and Decorate with Isabel

Forever joy at home.
"Deco a la carte" starting 
with one meter of fabric.
Any project (small or big budget) 
to be personalized at Isabel B.

Interior Decoration – add value to your home

It all starts when you come to us with your projects or send an e-mail with a picture of your space. We will ask questions, listen carefully and get a solid understanding of your needs, tastes, lifestyle and budget.

We are used to prepare, like a painter “a palette of fabrics” and find the best suitable fabrics for the colour, texture and pattern requested.

It is also possible to have an initial consultation at your home. We shall also take photos and measurements. Based on our visit, we will make you suggestions and finally design, sew and install everything ready in your home. 

- Keep Calm

- Chinese Room 1

- Chinese Room 2

- Chinese Room  3